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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busses and Exploratory Testing classes

You wait for ages, then two turn up at once.

I'm running my course in Exploratory Testing in London on 2-3 July. Details here. This is the course I've taught at Nokia, Google and around the world. It is a limited size, practical, hands-on class, and it is all about testing – specifically, how to uncover problems in working systems in a disciplined and efficient manner. I really enjoy teaching this class; lots of lightbulb-on moments for all.

To our mutual frustration, my colleague Michael Bolton is teaching 'Rapid Software Testing' at the same time, also in London. It's a great class, too. The scheduling problem is ours - but the choice is yours!

There's more to say here, but I've got a lovely on-site hands-on testing gig until the end of the week, and the daily stand-up happens in 35 minutes, at the other end of a 30-minute tube ride. Scrums wait for no man, or, at least, no tester...


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