Photo by shahin khalaji / Unsplash

16 Mar Added RasterReveal exercise, making RasterReveal, sent newsletter

14 Mar Invited people to see

14 Mar Set up Miro

2 Mar Added TeenyTinyTestHarness

24 Feb Added Exploring without Requirements

22 Feb Changed front page template to pick up from page. Started Exploring Black Box Puzzles. Started's page.

9 Feb Adjusted Puzzle 36 to cope with the dark. Added a tag and page for more depth. Added picture to use your imagination. Changed "rest of page for subscribers" banner as described in

8 Feb Set up a new page template for a one-puzzle page, adjusting theme to allow button styling within content block.

7 Feb Added Puzzle 36

Added savvycal links to services pages


20 Jan Changed Questions for Testers page to use JavaScript to build cards from a GitHub repo (as it was in the original), and to have a no-scroll background. Added some subscribers info on how I used Ghost to do it.

19 Jan Added page for Questions Workshop at EuroSTAR, and set up the Questions Workshop tagpage.

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