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Workroom Productions is a small, London based consultancy. There's only me, James Lyndsay - which means that when you arrange for something to be done, you'll always get the principal consultant.

James Lyndsay - brief bio

I had my first job, and my first job testing, in 1986: working at IBM in a small team  on an x86 graphics processor chip. I was handy at testing, and way out of my depth at everything else. I set up Workroom Productions in 1994. I've worked for myself, as a systems tester, since then.

I've resisted specialising in a particular technology or market, and I've tried to change with my industry. My clients include retail and telecommunications, banking and social media, rapidly-evolving internet start-ups, traditional large-scale enterprise, and government bodies. I've worked as an innovator (loved it), and as a standardiser (less so). I work as a consultant with an eye for strategy, quality and motivation. I've stepped into roles as manager, mentor, advocate and implementer – with a particular focus on tooled-up exploratory testing.

I've worked internationally as a consultant and teacher since 2000, and I've been  trusted to deliver keynotes and hands-on workshops at the largest and most interesting conferences. I've won prizes for several papers, and was the 2015 recipient of EuroSTAR's Testing Excellence award.

I have an MA in Physics from Trinity College, Oxford. I studied experiential teaching with Jerry Weinberg, and Impro with Keith Johnstone. I sing with the London Bulgarian Choir, and was a co-producer on three of their albums.

You can see less about me at LinkedIn. Contact me for a CV, if you must.

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Workroom Productions - Services

Consultancy: Facilitated discussions leading to test strategy, analysis of existing methods and approaches, process improvement, tools acquisition, analysis of key bugs, expert perspective.

Knowledge transfer: A range of courses in Exploratory Testing, Experimentation and Diagnosis, Session-based Test Management, and Test Data.Talks, workshops and seminars in a wide-ranging group of test-related subjects. Direct coaching in test techniques and test management from within a team.

Testing: Test management, hands-on exploration of your product or system, test script design and automated testing, test-focussed work on agile projects, great bug logs.


You'll need to take these with a grain of salt - but give me a call, or meet me at a conference, and make up your own mind.

From lectures and conferences

"James exudes subject matter credibility, and was well received by our Testing community. His Agile session was particularly popular, and appealed to both the less and the more experienced members of the audience." David Moore, Test Practice Lead, Aviva Life
"Outstanding presentation... easily one of the best at conference." Conference participant
"Great presenter, good stories, excellent presenting skills and timing, good humor." Conference participant

From people who have come to my classes

"I attended James Lyndsay's 2-day exploratory testing tutorial and it was very useful and fun. If you expect loads of theory to be thrown at you - don't bother. But if you want lots of hands-on exercises, eye-openers and discussions, combined with a refreshing view on testing, this is the course for you. On top of that, James is a very engaging 'teacher', and an allround nice guy :-)" Zeger Van Hese - Senior Test Manager
"Since real life projects push us to optimise testing to do as much as possible in the same amount of time, Exploratory Testing seems a natural step forward. James Lyndsay's class gave me plenty of practical tips and tricks about how to manage and execute Exploratory Testing. And, most importantly, how to measure improvements and catch the 'stuck moments'. No optimization is good unless it really gives results. Thank you for all the shared experiences and practical knowledge that allowed me to implement ET right after I took the class ­ and for the tips when to and when not to use ET. Taking part in your class was a very pleasant and useful experience!"Mira Razman, Senior Test Lead
"The interactive tools really demonstrated the different approaches and considerations required for each of the techniques we were taught. Without the practical examples, application of the theory in the future would have been far more difficult." ET class participant

From consulting clients

"...innovative and flexible approach is combined with strong testing and management skills to provide a complete solution, allowing us to concentrate on core development. Workroom Productions has been an effective and valuable resource to our company." Derek Clark, CEO, Chasseral Ltd.
"...provided a cost effective service that has added real value... significantly strengthened the quality of our delivered solutions... a highly professional consulting company with an impressive depth of technical knowledge and experience" Jim Sutton, Operations Manager, Three X Communication Ltd.
"...epitomises a professional's approach to testing. He has an ability to take subjective assessments and where possible make them objective and measurable" Stuart Ayling, CIO, Securicor Omega Logistics


Consulting and customised training: QA Consulting, Bank of England, Games Workshop, Channel 4, Qentinel, Nokia, BCS/ISEB, Google, T-Mobile, Thomson Financial, Transition Consulting, GE Mobile Communications (3X), Legal Services Commission, Disney, Securicor Omega Logistics, Exel Logistics, WorkShare, Test Partners, Harrods, Technology Evaluation Centres, ProfessionalSpirit, Chasseral, JobPartners.

Participants in public training courses have included staff from: BBC, TCL, Marks&Spencer, Thoughtworks, GE Capital, 3X, Expedia, Microsoft, Research Machines, Mozilla Foundation.

Conferences and talks: Agile Testing Days, Ministry of Test, Let's Test, StarEast, StarWest, EuroStar, UKSTAR, Google TechTalks, London SIGiST, Nordic Testing Days, TestingCup, QBIT, Aviva/Norwich Union, Ordina, Delta, Avenir, DANSK-IT, IIR, FAST, Tampere University of Technology, Unicom, SoftTest, ScotTest, SAST, AsiaSTAR, ProcessWorks Singapore, Quality Week, QW Europe.


Testing is a young discipline, in a fast-moving world. I've learnt a lot from my peers and colleagues, and I try to put something back in when I can. My involvement - sometimes paid, sometimes free, sometimes contributing money as well as time - has included:

  • Paper 'Four exercises for teaching Exploratory Testing', with associated software and teaching notes, placed into the public domain for use by the community.
  • Most papers put into the public domain. Recordings of most associated talks available on this website.
  • Contributing participant in peer conferences: LEWT, WOPR/SWOPR, WHET, ExTRS, WTST, LAWST, AA-FTT.
  • Facilitator / convenor / founder of LEWT.
  • CAST sponsor: 2006, 2008
  • Speaker at community conferences: SIGiST, SoftTest, ScotTest - contributing talks, tutorials, and special sessions.
  • Open-source tools for working with session-based testing available through this website.
  • ISEB Examiner / question designer for practitioner certificate in Software Testing. Question designer for foundation certificate in Software Testing. Contributor to Test Analyst syllabus for Software Testing Practitioner replacement. Member of ISEB Software Test Steering panel. Note: having worked with ISEB/BCS from 2002-2007, I've finished this role.

Public information for Workroom Productions

Established 22 July 1994, Company no. 2951389. Registered for VAT with number GB653962802. Registered office is currently 36 Appleshaw House, London SE5 8DW. Director: James Lyndsay

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