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Welcome. I'm James Lyndsay.

You'll find plenty of activities here to help you get better at software testing. It's all free to use. Subscribe for more depth, and select a paid subscription for more interaction.

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Though everyone gets access to my stuff, I need encouragement to make more stuff.

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Recently: Testing and AI series 1, BlackBox Puzzles series 1.

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I can help your testers to test, help your team to improve, and help your organisers to understand their options and responsibilities.

I've been an independent consultant, specialising in software testing and test strategy, since 1994. I've been the test strategist on huge national-infrastructure projects, an experiential teacher in companies you buy from, and I've helped organisations understand their testing needs from the board down to tiny teams. I have an international reputation as a speaker, and I was chosen by my peers to receive EuroSTAR's 2015 Testing Excellence Award.

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