Data and Privacy

Photo by Dasha Urvachova on Unsplash

I don't track you. I do not directly enable Google, Facebook, or other advertisers to track you.

I do keep track of pageviews. Page analytics are provided by Fathom – I pay them rather than exploit you via Google Analytics. They're focussed on privacy, and keep their data in-house. Here's Fathom's privacy policy, and how they built a privacy-first analytics business.

I don't have a cookie banner, as all cookies are to do with the necessary operation of the site.

This site is built on Ghost and hosted by use Stripe for payment processing.

Stripe and Ghost use their own cookies, on this site, as part of their services. Specifically:

  • Your membership details are kept by Ghost, who identify you with a cookie. The cookie enables sessions and security. Here is Ghost's privacy policy.
  • Any credit card details are kept by Stripe, who identify you with a cookie. Here is Stripe's privacy policy.

Workroom Productions holds limited personal and client details. You'll find the company on the UK's Data Protection Register.

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