Happy 2023 to You!

Image made by machine


If you're here, then you've got a Happy New Year card from me. And the card in your hand is the only physical copy of the art on the card, because the art was made by a machine. Here's a bit I wrote about that, in a covid fever dream. Go there to find out how you can use StableDiffusion Online to make your own, unique, compelling picture of a jolly old man with a red cap and a white beard.

These cards leave people with rather mixed feelings. That's kind of my intention.

And, also, I intend to say Hello. I made christmas cards by hand for years, but I've not made one for the last decade. So basically no one's had a christmas greeting for ever (it's not just you).

Our 2022 was... OK mostly, excellent in some, less great in others. My small immediate family is the same size, and in the same place. I'll not put more here. How was yours? Ping me to make a better connection than a scribble on a card.

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