Exploratory Testing for BBC May 2023

Page to support 12 x 1-hour online hands-on workshops via Zoom / Miro.

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Welcome – and thank you for coming.

Topics and dates


Workshops are online and will generally run 11-12 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We'll use the same Zoom space each time:
Meeting ID: 869 6473 3017 Passcode: 389743 .

We will use Miro to share results and other output.
Here is our shared Miro board – you should all have had an invite.

A typical session includes 5-10 mins lecture-style, 20 mins group and solo exercises, 20 mins debrief + exchange, 5 mins refresh, open forum.

Preparing for the workshop


This is a hands-on, online workshop. You'll need a laptop with a modern browser and an internet connection. Ideally, you'll need enough screen space to be able to see / hear Zoom, and to interact with the Miro board, and with the thing you're testing. You may want to use a couple of devices.

I'll have my camera on; please do whatever makes you comfortable, and allows you to communicate most easily with your group, or with me (if you're talking with me).

If you don't have access to a laptop, you'll be able to get some value using a tablet. You'll even be able to get some hands-on experience using a smartphone...


We'll be in and out of breakout rooms for group work. We'll use Miro as a record of what we've done. Do work alone if you prefer – the exercises should have alternatives for group and solo participation. Please do join whole-group conversations.

We'll learn best from experience, and from each other, so there will be plenty of chances to share your work with the room, and to discover how others approach the problems.

Tools and technology

You do not need to read or write code, nor to install tools. You are welcome to use your own tools. For instance, you might use excel to generate data, browser tools to check out decision flow in the system under test, datagraph to analyse its responses.

When we turn to work with test design involving thousands of tests, I'll give you tiny in-browser tools to generate data, to run tests, and to gather output. I've chosen to supply most tools, and to run them in the browser, because I want to make the test system easy to access in the workshop, and to make it as accessible as possible a wide variety of testers. I've not made that choice because it reflects any particular technology.


I'm James Lyndsay. My email is jdl@workroom-productions.com. My phone is +447904158752.


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