Final Day (BBC 23Q2)

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This last session is in three parts: a swift retrospective to remind each other of what we've done, a concluding application workshop, and a Q&A session.


10 minutes

Recall two things from our sessions which caught your attention. Take time to look back over the workshop contents (or your notes) to remind yourself of what we covered.

Put a very short indication of those things in the chat (I've put them into the Miro board)

We'll go round the group twice to hear a little about what caught you. This will help you to recall things you might otherwise forget.

Application Workshop

30 minutes

Consider what you can do differently, in your work. Consider specific actions that you can do in the time, and how you'll measure their success. Prefer small, achievable actions over aspirational changes.

Decide on two actions – one you can complete in a a week or less, the other which you can complete in a month.

As your first step in taking those actions, put each on the board, in the area marked COMMITMENTS.

Describe your commitments to the group. The group (including James) will listen with gratiude, and without commentary.

As your second step, find a partner in the group who you will check-in with when you're done. Do that here, and in public, to make your commitment stickier.


Please put questions on the Miro board, or into the chat, or just ask. The sooner you ask a question, the more-considered will be the answer!


Thank you for coming on this workshop.

The pages, exercises and boards will live here for a year, and there's more material on this site. I recommend Explore It! by Elisabeth Hendrickson. Use MoT's Really Useful List For Exploratory Testers to lead you to a wider sample. To avoid accidents, I've made the Miro board view-only. I'll happy open it for editing if you'd prefer.

If you've got feedback for me on the content, or the delivery, I'll be happy to hear that. I'll approach you next week with a feedback form.

You can contact me through this website. I'd be delighted to hear how you're getting on with the ideas we've explored over the last few weeks.

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