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Fuzzy Search

Articles Nov 25, 2021 (Dec 15, 2021) Loading...

I turned on search. Which was easier than expected.

I dropped an API key into the header... and Roberta's my aunt. Immediately. Everywhere. Fork me.

Ghost has  plenty of options  for search, but doesn't provide an API for a back-end search of my content on its servers. The theme I'm using (a customised Liebling, for now) does a front-end search. What does that mean? It uses the Ghost API, so to pull site content into your browser, slams through it for an index, rubs that lamp with your search term, and returns page titles as you type.

It uses fuse.js, which is a fuzzy search (implementing a Bitap algorithm, apparently). What might that mean? Let's experiment.

Subscribers get to see what I found.

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