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How I'm writing

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I'm :gardening.

Expect my stuff on this site to grow and change and be re-arranged. Expect words and toys and videos and transcripts and lists and tools. I hope that you'll find this collection to be an interesting place to explore.

Don't expect the text to stay static. These are not magazine articles, this collection is not a blog or a diary or a textbook.

In my more ambitious imaginings, this site is an experience. I hope that it is, :like some gardens, a pleasant place to explore.

Cheers –


...more details...

I'm building a few facilities for readers; some to make these pages more-explorable, some to make them more usable:

  • Backlinks – you'll find a button at the bottom of each page showing what pages link in to the page you're on.
  • Search – the search tool will let you tun a fuzzy search of most of the text of the site. Use your browser to search the page.
  • Dynamic footnotes – I'm using nutshell from Nicky Case to give you anchors which expand to give you more text, but which might be a distraction to the flow of the words. Links with a : in front mean you get to glance at related content, rather than re-routing your exploration to see it.
  • Canonical links – will help me to make pages and variants without breaking links, though you may find that the text may have changed.
  • Change indicators – you can see when the page last changed, and I'll indicate state and edits :somewhere
  • Comments and contributions – I hope that my readers want to share their thoughts. Comments are on for subscribers, and I can give you editing access for deeper and more collaborative stuff.
  • Expanding sections – I'll put some topics in sections that fold up (or unfold, depending on mood) so that you can get them out of the way (or bring them up) as you need.
  • Change control – I'll put big revisions on GitHub.
  • Table of contents – planned for big pages
  • Lots of ways in – this isn't a book, to be read from start to end. It's a web.
  • Tags – each page will have several tags, each tag will take you to a list of other pages with the same tag, and the tags will arise as we go.
  • Print to pdf – when I sort the CSS, you'll find that the current state of the page will print nicely to pdf.


Visible Changes

Currently, italicised text at the top. This is likely to change.


Here are some sources

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