In-House Workshop

Insights into Exploratory Testing

Help your team to find useful information more swiftly

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Hands-on workshop

to enthuse and teach your testers

Your team will explore custom-built systems to reveal key techniques of exploratory testing, try out viable approaches to managing exploration, and build their collective understanding of systems testing.

We will design tests, find problems, and identify differences in testing style. Working together will let us find shared values and co-operative strengths.

An in-house workshop has a lower overall price than a public workshop, with closer focus on what matters, and less disruption to ongoing work.

Train your team

Disciplined, accountable and diverse approaches

Use this workshop to help your team:

  • Choose the right approach and tool for the situation
  • Explain their test approaches and share their test results
  • Absorb the disciplines that enable effective exploration
  • Improve the ways they share testing ideas
  • Apply existing skills in new ways

Workshop for 5-12 people. Suitable for mixed role groups – involve your whole team.

During the workshop, we will build a set of achieveable and personalised actions to help the team make concrete and measurable adjustments to their work. Your team will return to their work refreshed and enthused.

Learning support

Helping your team get the most from the workshop

Fit your context by picking content. Prepare for the workshop with short videos and open questions. Keep focus and resolve ideas with ongoing contact.

Practical examples of real-world testing from a career tester. Tried and tested exercises lets you trust the trainer. Closed workshop lets you freely share sensitive information.

Small workshop allows a coached approach to suit beginners, experienced testers and business experts.

Workshop contents

  • Go beyond expectations. Practice working without explicit requirements. Give structure to your activity by choosing a clear purpose. Recognise when your purpose needs to change.
  • Track data and decisions for sharing and review. Build a collective understanding of exploratory work within your team.
  • Search for surprises. Develop judgement against internal sources, external specifications, and cultural expectations. Explain your actions and decisions. Give swift, relevant, true feedback.
  • Investigate reports, building deeper understanding of symptoms, interactions, faults and triggers. Focus bulk tests to trigger and observe patterns in system behaviour. Visualise data to analyse results.
  • Plan, measure and report exploratory work. Adjust work to suit context. Integrate exploratory testing with organisational goals and activities. Prioritise actions and set aside unproductive paths. Encourage and enable exploration.


Workroom Productions has built and delivered exploratory testing training at Google, Oracle, Adobe, EADS, GE, Nokia, the BBC and many more organisations. Workshop targets include callcentres, critical national infrastructure, medical devices, hand-helds, retail and finance. We write the exercises that other trainers use.

Feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive and all attendees said they had learned new test approaches that they would apply to their QA & Test work. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject was great to see and it meant that the workshop was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all involved.

Stuart Gillies

James' training gained very positive feedback from our consultants. He took an excellent approach which was engaging, entertaining and useful.

Stewart Noakes

Among the best teachers of Exploratory Testing in the world.

Scott Barber

A first class test strategist & consultant, with a huge passion for testing along with a natural ability to motivate and enthuse those around him

Andrew Coggins

James Lyndsay


James is a teacher, speaker and consultant test strategist. Testing since 1996, he has helped dozens of organisations to find the surprises in their systems. He’s taught exploratory testing to corporate clients from 2002, in wide combinations of agile, waterfall and whatever else.

James kicked off the TestLab and the London Exploratory Workshop in Testing, built the BlackBox Puzzles and received the 2015 Tester Excellence Award. He studied experiential learing with Jerry Weinberg, improvisation with Keith Johnstone, and Physics at Trinity College, Oxford.


Coached workshop, customised to fit and delivered on-site. Pre-workshop video exercises, post-workshop followup. 5-12 people.

1 Day £ 1950 . 00
Core workshop, skipping some techniques and processes

2 Days £ 3300 . 00
Core workshop with greater depth.

3 Days £ 4650 . 00
2 days techniques + 1 management.

Corporate workshop prices exclude VAT and expenses.
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