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Session went out at AgileTestingDays 2021. That's the title ATD gave it.

Here are the titles we (Bart and I) used. We reckon that these titles could be spoken about, by most testers-who-speak, without preparation for 5-15 minutes. You're welcome to use them yourself.

Subscribers (free) get more: the principles that guided us towards these, the background, some of our notes and submission stuff, how we ran it on the night, and what we'd do differently. Sign up or sign in.


  • Taking Responsibility
  • Trust and the Modern Tester
  • Things that Scare Me in Testing
  • Testers, Teams & Me
  • Tools, Toys & Testers
  • Growing Testers
  • Kindness and Quality
  • Shift Where? Shift What?
  • Guided by Use
  • My Testing Story
  • My Machinery of Testing
  • Moments that Changed me
  • Testing the Unicorn
  • Risk and Me

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