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Live Exploratory Testing – Python

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In Challenge 3 for 2021's Exploratory Testing week from Ministry of Testing, I tested something live.

I chose to test the Python interpreter, using test automation in (naturally) Python.

I'm not deeply skilled with Python, and had no idea what I'd find. I found interesting information that came as a surprise, but I'm not sure I found a bug.

Here's the challenge

Exploratory Testing Week - Challenge 3 - Exploratory Testing a Product
@alexm one question we didn’t get to during your experience report, @aldila asks: Is it common for you to create such reports on daily basis(for one feature for example)?

Here's the video of me doing my thing:

Experience Report Live: Exploratory Testing a Product with James Lyndsay
Watch as James Lyndsay takes on Challenge 3 of the exploratory week live, the Exploratory Testing a Product challenge. He ops to test the Python Interpreter. ...

Here's the code I used

GitHub - workroomprds/TDD-ish_explore_python3_vs_property_-identity-_tests: For MoT’s Exploratory Testing Week April 2021
For MoT’s Exploratory Testing Week April 2021. Contribute to workroomprds/TDD-ish_explore_python3_vs_property_-identity-_tests development by creating an account on GitHub.

Here's more from the week

Exploratory Testing Week 2021
Watch all the action from Exploratory Testing Week 2021

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