Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Here's a halfway puzzle. I've not done the UI yet – this is how I build them to try out different ways that the underlying thing might work.

This one is based on my diagnostics machines for teaching.

On my mind:

  • How many options to click through? On rails, or under user selection?
  • Should one be controlled by something other than the user? Time?
  • Is the crash too hard to find, or too easy? (what crash??)
  • Do I want to make the log (in the console, go look) part of the puzzle?
  • Do I want the buttons to stop interacting on crash, or to continue to? (seriously, what crash??)
  • How do I want to represent the crash? (stop it now)

This is hidden: you can only play when you have this link. I'm not particularly bothered if you share, but this page / puzzle / link will vanish sometime.

This is, probably, Puzzle 40.

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