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You can bring some of the following talks to your own team. Each has been delivered at a major testing event, and most are supported with substantial papers. Use these talks to motivate your team, to give them a special event, and to stimulate debate.

Testing in an Agile Environment
Delivered at Ordina's Agile Testing Masterclass, the SIGiST and TestNet. Basis of EuroSTAR08 keynote. Supported by 7500 word paper

Things Testers Miss
Delivered at StarEast and EuroStar. Supported by 7500 word paper

A Positive view of Negative Testing
StarEast keynote, also delivered at EuroStar. Supported by 8500 word paper

Adventures in Session-Based Testing
Delivered at StarWest, EuroStar (session and tutorial), AsiaStar (as keynote) supported by 8500 word paper

From a Sow's Ear to a Silk Purse: Making the Most of what you've got
Delivered at EuroSTAR, SIGiST, supported by 5500 word paper

The Importance of Data in Functional Testing
Delivered at Quality Week, StarWest, EuroStar (session and tutorial), supported by 8500 word paper

I'm an experienced speaker, regularly giving talks at major US and European conferences. I try to find an angle on a subject that has not been addressed before, and to deliver something new, with practical value, in each talk. Audiences find my talks both entertaining and informative. See endorsements for their reactions.

Other Talks

Some of the following talks are available as audio or video downloads. If you'd like to bring any of these to your team, please contact me.

Achievable Futures - a Google TechTalk!

Over the last decade, we've seen huge changes in the commoditisation and ubiquity of computers, and have vastly more power at our fingertips. I believe that testing has failed to keep up with the times. This talk highlights important trends and asks if we can rise to their challenge. I think we can, and here I describe how we might use our existing skills, approaches and tools to achieve a bright, and rather different future.

Watch the video of Achievable Futures

This talk was originally commissioned for the 10th anniversary of the Swedish Association for Software Testing. The following recording was made at the event. I've split it into handy chunks.

Introduction4:001.6 Mblisten
Trends8:523.5 Mblisten
Potential13:345.4 Mblisten
Tools14:235.8 Mblisten
Conclusion6:052.4 Mblisten

Download the slides as a .pdf: Achievable Futures

Also presented at Tampere University, ScotTest and the London SIGiST.

'The Test Strategist's Toolbox'

Presented at AsiaSTAR 2004 in Canberra and STAREast 2005 in Orlando. Here's a recording - 21Mb, 50 minutes long.

Automated Tricks for Manual Testers - a lightning Google TechTalk!

A very short talk from Google's 2006 London Test Automation Conference. Please watch the other speakers - but if you want to get to my part, it's around 33:45.

Watch the 5-minute lightning talk Automated Tricks for Manual Testers.

'Tips for Testers: Bugs are all around us'

Ten top tips for testers: 10-minute presentation at the London SIGiST December 2003.

Listen to a recording of the presentation (10 minutes, mp3, 2.5Mb).

Exploration and Introspection

Presented at SoftTest, Dublin, 29 September 2004. Presented with "Further Adventures in Session-based Testing."

'The Real Deal: How testing can tell you what you really want to know':

Slides are here (.pdf)

Planning3:440.5 Mblisten
Information5:130.7 Mblisten
What do you want to know?6:240.8 Mblisten
How to get the information4:000.5 Mblisten
Supporting the Process1:540.2 Mblisten
Conclusion2:240.3 Mblisten

Presented as the QBIT keynote, QBIT Tools Fair February 2003, London.

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