Team Mentoring

Long term improvement and widened perspective for your team, grown over months and built around their work

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Team Mentoring: Improve together with individual coaching and group consolidation.

Your test team needs keep its skills and its approaches fresh. Team Leads and Managers can help by giving the team time to change, and experiences to absorb. But it can be hard to find the time to improve incrementally while also working on the wider business obligations.

Team Mentoring will give your testers the space and the means to focus on improvement. I’ll work individually with everyone in your team, and will consolidate with regular group sessions. I'll help your people to find the right lessons, help those changes to stick, and help your team to learn together. Your team will draw immediately-useful lessons from their day to day work, and grow to fit your organisation’s changing context.

How does it Work?

Regular remote contact over months

This is a remote service. I'll be involved regularly and occasionally over months. Any engagement will be for at least 4 months / 17 weeks. I'll read in to your project and technology stack to gain relevant knowledge, and will sign NDAs to suit.

I'll fit with your tools of choice, or supply a dedicated (iOS / FaceTime) tablet if needed. Typically I'll talk with your people over Zoom or Teams, and run group sessions in Zoom or Gather.


Over a typical week you'll see the following interactions:

  • Each team member gets weekly one-on-one remote sessions - video-call mentoring, shared-screen testing and more. I'll work with your people on their testing.
  • One member of your senior staff gets a weekly 30-minute call to review individual and team progress, spotting opportunities and worries, and sharing goals and approaches for the next week.


In addition, each month:

  • Two group sessions for the team. Typically, one would focus inwards on sharing and learning, potentially involving demos, round-tables, games and discussions. Another might turn outwards to dependent / supporting teams, to build a shared culture.

Prices and Availability

I currently have capacity from one team of 4-10 people.

Cost is £1050+VAT per person, per month.

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