Spring is sprung. Boi oi oing.

April stuff at Workroom Productions

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I built a backlinks facility for the site – if I explicitly link one post to another, the linked page will automatically link back. Backlinks are important to the way I'll build this site: bringing together old and new content, and trying to stitch it into something fun to explore. Use the "what links here" button at the end of the text on most pages (and let me know in the comments if it's weird for you).

I bought in a bunch of stuff about exploratory testing: a rant on Exploration without Tools is Weak and Slow, and updates to the piece on Exploring without Requirements. I tuned my notes on Exploring the BlackBox Puzzles and picked up something mostly from the archives on Why Exploration has a Place in any Strategy.

On the side of exercises and teaching, I posted an imagination-based exercise Becoming Coverage. I wrote Teaching Exploratory Testing with Code about the way that I do it, and ran a partly-new exercise with people from the the Exploratory Test Academy Slack channel. If you'd like me to run one here for subscribers, I'd love to. Tell me when works for you.

I put up two parts of my upcoming EuroSTAR Tutorial on Questions: Changing the Question Word and Questions about Metrics. There's more to come on this, and I'll run the workshop in several short chunks during May. This trial run is free for all; sign up to come along.

I also added stuff about peer conferences; lovely, safe LEWT (which I set up and ran) and brutish, scary Acid Test (which I may run one day).

April has been hectic: I'm three weeks into a long-for-me job; three days a week at a great big institution, for three months, doing something I can't talk about at a place I can't name. That work, and this, had to fit around the kids' Easter break, which included plenty of travel and an all-too-brief return to the London Bulgarian Choir for a packed-solid gig in Falmouth.

To celebrate that, and more, I'm indulging myself with this photo, from that gig, of my favourite non-lanyard on-stage role...

Finally: Support the people of Ukraine with something more than CSS.

Cheers –


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