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Online Exploratory Testing Workshop

Workshops and Talks Nov 12, 2021 (Nov 12, 2021) Loading...

I've taught exploratory testing since 2002 – I've made a name for teaching by testing custom-built software, real systems, and my clients' products.

I started to teach corporate clients online in 2018. I've never taught a public workshop online. It's time to try that out.

I'll use some of my existing coursework and exercises. Each will get a short introductory video, an exercise and follow-up questions. I'll release one a week, to paying subscribers, over eight to ten weeks.

We'll will start in late November and continue into the New Year. Each week, we'll have an online real-time conversation to talk about the exercise, and to help us exchange and reinforce learning points.

Free subscribers can see the video and the exercise. Paid subscribers get the follow-up questions and access to the conversation as well. I've put a course outline, below – subscribe to see it!

Tentative outine

Week 1 – exploration and purpose

Week 2 – emergent test design 1

Week 3 – emergent test design 2

Week 4 – parsing an interface, inferring intent

Week 5 – exploration surfaces

Week 6 – diagnosis

Week 7 – bulk testing

Week 8 – exploiting automation

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