Making Sense with Exploratory Testing

Workshops and Talks Sep 13, 2023 (Sep 13, 2023) Loading...

Sharpen your testing skills in this hands-on workshop by bringing structure and focus to your exploratory testing.

In the workshop, you’ll build cohesive models which reliably capture your thoughts and actions – and the system’s reactions. We’ll use a range of approaches from experimental science to give us insights into our own preferred and effective methods of exploratory test design, observation, and recording. By sharing our approaches with the group, we’ll expand our testing range, and build on our existing testing, organising and communication skills.

Come prepared to test. We’ll test things we think we know, and things we’ve never seen. We’ll look for trouble, diagnose problems, build models when we don’t have requirements, and will use simple tools that you already know to design thousands of bulk tests and to analyse their results. You’ll show what you’ve done, talk about how and why you’ve made your testing decisions, and you’ll learn from your workshop peers.

Delivered (half-day) at TestCoast, Gothenburg, 21 September 2023

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