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People need Strategy. Automata need Plans.

Workshops and Talks Nov 20, 2021 (Nov 20, 2021) Loading...

How to steer a group towards a goal

Match your method to the things that will be doing the working.

Come play with control, constraints, resonance and emergent behaviours. We’ll contrast with harmony, hacking and improvisation, and try to judge some ways we might steer groups towards goals.

  • Strategy helps people work coherently at a distance. A plan gets stuff into the right arrangement in time and space.
  • A strategy sets out what you plan, and how you plan it.
  • Strategy rests on shared values and contextual awareness. Plans rest on organising parts.
  • You use play to change a group into a team.
  • Culture is the collection of assumptions that we choose to keep.

Went to AgileTestingDays 2019, and CultureCon 2019. Involved group singing. Absolutely bombed at both. I've got videos, and I'll watch them one day. Hey ho.

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