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Test Data Generation – building XML with Python

Workshops and Talks Nov 20, 2021 (Nov 20, 2021) Loading...
Hands-on workshop, where everyone will have the chance to use Python to build meaningful test data in XML.

In this short workshop, we'll use Python to generate XML, looking into namespaces, schema definintions / DTDs, data types and templating. We'll see how simple Python scripts can help you to flexibly and swiftly deliver custom and controlled XML which is valid, well-formed, and useful to testers. This workshop will suit you if you need to generate data for your tests, or of your tests involve XML ingestion and manipulation.

The scripts and sample data for this workshop are open-source. You'll get most from this workshop if you bring a working Python environment on a local machine. If you don't have that, you can use one of the workshop's cloud python environments, accessed through a browser.

  • Python libraries and methods to build XML
  • Specific considerations when building XML
  • Dealing with test data, and how it relates to test design

Submitted, not yet delivered.

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