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Encourage Me...

Dec 4, 2021 (Jan 11, 2022) Loading...

I need encouragement – we all do. When you subscribe, you'll make me happy. When I'm tempted to deliver less, or less-often, I'll feel guilty. Carrot and stick.

There's something in it for you, too. You'll get to feel part of an ongoing effort to take my corporate work public. Lots of it is already out there, and I know it's useful. The more we share, the better we, as a collective, learn. How altruistic of you to subscribe.

There's more: You can use my stuff to explain testing to yourself, and use it to explain to others. I'd be delighted if you did, and I'd love to hear about it. As a subscriber, you'll get to comment on posts. I'll reply, of course.

You can opt in or out of the regular newsletter, announcing new content and this week's workshop. I'll probably set up more than one, split by interest, and I'll ask susbscribers for what they're particularly interested in.

It's up to you: free or paid subscription?

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