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Here are some recent articles. For a more complete list, go to the full list of articles.

How I'm writing

Enabling experiences, exploration and change, rather than publication or narrative.

Handholds Framework

A Mnemonic Heuristic! After so many years!

Building a Bart

Building an avatar generator, as a tester.

New Year Wishes

I've been using StableDifusion to make New Year's cards. I used StableDiffusionWeb, which is currently free and requires no login. If you want to make some of your own, you should. You'll need a 'prompt'; a text description to guide the way

Publishing a Directory with Flask

How to serve python coverage metrics as an html page within

Working with Answers to Open Questions

Complicated answers are harder to work with. Here's how I cope.

Question Chaining

How I chain questions together, building, refining and sometimes wrecking) a model

Question Transformation 2 - Refocus

Refocus your Questions to match your purpose

Writing Tools

My handwrting and paper filing system gets worse, and most of what I write beyond jotting now goes via a keyboard. An MX Keys [] , generally. Here's my current set of tools, and their purposes: OmmWriter [] – for

April stuff at Workroom Productions

Stuff on exploratory testing, new exercises, offers, peer conferences, and more

Exploration without Tools is Weak and Slow

An overdue rant: The days of hand-cranked exploration are done.

Teaching Exploratory Testing with Code

Concentrate on data rather than tooling and syntax

LEWT: The London Exploratory Workshop in Testing

Rules of LEWT

Acid Test

Peer conference. Not safe. Exciting though, and full of lessons.

Making the RasterReveal Exercise

Building an exercise involves much wrangling and working around unexpected behaviours.

Teeny Tiny Test Harness

console.assert is my go-to teeny tiny test harness for JavaScript

Exploring without Requirements

Requirements are helpful rather than crucial

Testing Reveals Requirements

The closer you look, the better you see.

Exploring the BlackBox Puzzles

BlackBox Puzzles help you explore the ways that you build and test models.

Use Your Imagination (1)

Feed your imagination with notes, pictures and probes


For a more-detailed list, go to the videos page

MoT Exploratory Testing Week 2021

I use Python to find surprises (for me) in the Python interpreter.

Wicked Problems

Testing contains several "Wicked" problems, whose resolutions are unclear until they are found.

Outlines and Abstracts

For a more-detailed list, go to the outlines page

Hands-on, Tooled-up Testing

A full day workshop on exploring systems with data

Keynote eXtreme

A keynote with a random title. And nobody – including the speaker – knows who speaker will be.

Questions, Questions

This interactive workshop will help you ask the right testing questions, of the right people, at the right time.

Teaching Exploratory Testing with Code

Concentrate on data rather than tooling and syntax

Wrangling, Debugging and Testing

Do we spend months getting our systems to a point where we can test? We do. Here's why, and what we can do about it.

Wrangling, Debugging and Testing (conference talk abstract)

It would be good to recognise that many testers spend most of their time not testing (in the sense of finding new useful info), but making their SUTs work at all.


For a more-detailed list, go to the papers page

Exploratory Testing Notes

Very rough notes from me as a younger consultant


To see collections of exercises, go to the exercises page

Exercise: Becoming Coverage

A game to play with colleagues to understand coverage more deeply.

Exercise: Other People's Code

Consider your own code through the lens of other people's code.

Raster Reveal

Reveal pictures to see what is in them, as an exercise in exploration.

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