Stuff to Take In

Got a moment? Want to absorb ideas? Here are blog posts, articles, videos and papers.

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I have masses of materials; just a fraction is currently linked here. The rest is all where it has been for ages. As we go, I'll bring it here.

Blog / Articles

Here are three recent things to read:

For more, here's this site's collection of articles.

I'll bring over the older articles soon, but for now here's my blog.

I'll update this later with nicer features and a proper list.


Here's a few – one to give you a feel for my preferred 2-minute style of teaching short, one online hands-on exploration as part of Ministry of Test's Exploration Week, and an on-stage talk, with stuff to play with, from Agile On The Beach 2018.

Workroom Productions - Private Site Access
Experience Report Live: Exploratory Testing a Product with James Lyndsay
Watch as James Lyndsay takes on Challenge 3 of the exploratory week live, the Exploratory Testing a Product challenge. He ops to test the Python Interpreter. ...

I'll build this out with a dedicated page and featured videos. I'm making many more videos to support my online workshops.


It's been a while since a wrote a paper. Here, though, are a few which caught people's attention.

You can still find my collection of papers on the old site. I'm working to keep the links to these pdfs the same, as they've been cited in others' work.

These are long papers, and .pdfs, so not particularly engaging to casual readers. I'll build this out with a dedicated page and featured papers. I may revist these papers in short chunks, writing about how my ideas have changed since writing them.

Outlines and Abstracts

Every talk starts with an idea. To get an audience for that idea, you need something to take to a conference organiser. I've done big talks and tiny talks, long-form hands-on tutorials and events. I review papers for EuroSTAR, ATD, MoT (and so can you). I even run workshops on how to do talks and write outlines and abstracts. I'll post the stuff I send to conferences here; some old, some new. You'll see how I work, and I'll get – perhaps – a sense of what works for who.

For now, here's a short page of talk outlines.

Below this point, you'll see my experiments with ghost templates and lists.


Here are some recent articles. For a more complete list, go to the full list of articles.

Exploring while Unit Testing

How I use tests to learn about what I make, while helping it to behave consistently.

Exploring a page with Selectors

A handy trick to get fast and useful feedback on hard to read CSS selectors.

Fuzzy Search

How turning on search was astonishingly easy – and gave surprising results.

Keynote eXtreme

A keynote with a random title. And nobody – including the speaker – knows who speaker will be.

Debugging: Not Testing but Drowning 3

Your system is working, but it's on fire. You reckon it's down to your config and test environment, rather than the code or business misundertandings.

Wrangling: Not Testing but Drowning 2

When a team is trying to get a system to work at all, I’d characterise their actions with the word Wrangling. Testers wrangle systems in a test environment. Their work is made harder if they don’t have permissions for that environment. They need to give that environment, and

Not Testing, but Drowning

Testers whose work is to get the system to work... do we help them to work better?

Ansible and DigitalOcean: setting up

Here's my most recent post from blogspot, copied here as simply as possible with a simple copy/paste from the webpage. Some of it hasn't worked (in-line monospaced especially - I've fiddled with the list at the end, too) but it's not awful. I need to look at bulleted lists,


For a more-detailed list, go to the videos page

MoT Exploratory Testing Week 2021

I use Python to find surprises (for me) in the Python interpreter.

Wicked Problems

Testing contains several "Wicked" problems, whose resolutions are unclear until they are found.

Outlines and Abstracts

For a more-detailed list, go to the outlines page

Keynote eXtreme

A keynote with a random title. And nobody – including the speaker – knows who speaker will be.

Questions, Questions

This interactive workshop will help you ask the right testing questions, of the right people, at the right time.

Wrangling, Debugging and Testing (conference talk abstract)

It would be good to recognise that many testers spend most of their time not testing (in the sense of finding new useful info), but making their SUTs work at all.


For a more-detailed list, go to the papers page

Exploratory Testing Notes

Very rough notes from me as a younger consultant


To see collections of exercises, go to the exercises page

Exercise: Other People's Code

Exercise: Other People's CodePurpose: to reveal how to we might make our code more open to other people. Method: Read other people’s code. Identify what might make parts of that code easy or difficult to understand. Decide what you might adjust in your  own code. Logistics: 40-60 minutes, working

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